Lex - Table Lamp

Lex Table Lamp
Ambience does not allow itself to be confined in space, and neither does this Lex ambientlight. No messing around with wires and sockets. Instead, it is rechargeable via the wooden base and easy to carry with you. The frosted sandblasted glass softens the light, while a dimmer ensures that this lamp emulates the magic of candlelight. It manages that for a long time, given that the Lex table lamp lasts up to eight hours. An important technical fact: both the LED lamp and the charger can be used in Europe and the United States. For the catering industry, a larger charger has been provided that can charge several lights simultaneously.

Length: 7,2 cm
Width: 7,2 cm
Height: 7,2 cm

Available within: 01/01/2000

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